Client Successes

Increasing Assignments Help Client Meet Goals

Behunin & Associates was initially hired by a global retailer for a relatively straightforward data analysis project with the objective of improving audit effectiveness. Over the next two years, we completed several additional data analysis projects which improved their internal audits. We were also tasked with teaching their audit team how to use the software tool. Through a co-sourcing arrangement, we successfully worked side-by-side with client employees to provide instruction and oversee the performance of data analysis projects performed internally.

The following year, our project scope shifted as demands of the company’s Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance audit increased, an effort that had been managed solely with their internal team. We worked as an extension of their team to complete the SOX audit and support the needs of the third-party public accounting firm without additional disruptions to the business. Over the course of the next several years, the retailer engaged Behunin & Associates to manage the IT portion of the SOX compliance audit, followed by the business process portion of the SOX work. We utilized our own team members as well as managed our client’s staff, expanding the co-sourcing arrangement. With our team managing SOX compliance efforts, the client was able to free up some of their management and staff to focus on other audit priorities within the company.

Today, Behunin & Associates serves multiple divisions of the company with projects ranging from SOX compliance initiatives, IT audit and business process consulting and assistance with data automation efforts. This approach has allowed the retailer to provide increased levels of assurance to the business despite organic growth and multiple acquisitions.